Recognisable quality

Our frozen fresh products are available in any desired form. In consultation with you, we determine your ideal range, both in terms of products and packaging. You are always assured of customisation and high quality. Whether you choose to sell under your own private label or through one of our established brands.

Private label

All our products are available under private label, in the packaging you desire. We can compile a tailor-made product range for you, package it under your own private label and deliver it to you on demand. And we can flexibly anticipate seasonal changes, food trends, special packaging, etc if desired.

Our brands

Another attractive option is to build on the long-standing familiarity with and good reputation of our own Fedeco brand Diamond Crown or to surprise the market with the new Snow Fox brand.

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Snow Fox

Our still young brand Snow Fox offers you the opportunity to markedly renew your frozen product range. Dive along with the Snow Fox and discover our delicious, frozen fresh vegetable mixes. Selected by the fox and preserved by the snow. Read more

Diamond Crown

Our trusted brand in South Africa. For a quarter of a century already, our well-known Diamond Crown brand has served as the valued partner of food service and retail parties in South Africa for the supply of high-quality fries and vegetables. Read more