Proud of the origins

The perfect potatoes for fries from Belgian and Dutch fields, juicy blackberries from Eastern Europe, our world-famous Belgian sprouts, broccoli from Spain… We want to be able to personally smell, touch and taste all our fresh produce. We only work with quality suppliers with whom we have close ties. This way, we at Fedeco can rest assured that we always supply you with the very best range of frozen products. The relationships we maintain with our farmers, growers and other food producers often span many years. We regularly visit them ourselves. We all take pride in our conviction that only the best is good enough. Every product we supply is traceable to the source.

Involved in every step

Our great commitment applies to all steps. We ensure that our frozen fresh products always reach you in top condition. Freezing takes place directly at the source using a high-quality process, in close collaboration with qualified partners. As a result, each fresh product retains its optimum quality. Our own strict inspections constitute an additional guarantee in this respect.

We pack the frozen fresh products according to your own specifications. Retail packaging or food service cartons, under your own private label or via one of our well-known brands: Fedeco can make it happen. We can meet every requirement!

Transport from source to distribution centre

From the source, we deliver every frozen fresh product in top condition to the local port of your choosing or right up to the front door of your distribution centre. We do this in your preferred packaging and under the transport conditions specified by you. We determine the transport conditions in consultation with you. Everything is possible.

We carefully select our transport partners for quality and reliability. Every transport is fully climate-controlled. The cold chain is never disrupted. Through track & trace, we closely monitor every step. This way, we always know the location of your shipment in the logistics chain and can constantly keep you updated as to when you can expect this.

We personally see to it that every shipment is accompanied by the correct customs documents and (health) certificates. This way, we avoid surprises during transport. And we immediately spring into action should a problem unexpectedly arise in the logistics chain. All with the aim of always serving you in the best possible manner.