Different types of cabbage, leafy vegetables, carrots, beans and mushrooms carefully selected for you by Fedeco from nearby producers. Individually quick-frozen (IQF) and, if desired, provided with a coating or as a semi-finished product.

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Mono lines

Carrot cubes

Crinckle cut sliced carrots

Avocado cubes

Grilled aubergine slices

Baby carrots

Edamame beans

Brussels sprouts




Cut green beans

Garden peas

Chopped spinach leaves

Sliced carrots

Chopped spinach portions

Mixed vegetables

Wok mix

Vegetable soup mix

Chinese mix

4 way mix with baby carrots

Broccoli mix

Country mix

4 way mix


Sliced 5 / 7 / 9 mm

Sliced 4 / 5 / 7 mm

Quartered 30 / 50 mm

Halves 30 mm/ 45 mm

Wholes 35 mm/ mini 25 mm

Cubes between 6 x 6 mm en 9 x 9 mm