About Fedeco

Fedeco is a major player in the export of frozen potatoes, vegetables and derivative snack products to South Africa. It also deals with private label sales. Fedeco has had an active presence in South Africa since 1983 and knows the market thoroughly. This knowledge ensures that we can arrange the entire export process from A to Z. We aim to build long-term relationships with our customers by offering service, quality and peace of mind. Are you a retailer in South Africa who is interested in a private label for frozen vegetables and potatoes? Are you looking for your own brand? If so, Fedeco is the partner you need.

Our economic and cultural knowledge of South Africa opens doors

Years of experience in South Africa and our knowledge of the South African market give us all we need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We know all the rules, regulations and business customs. We are dynamic, monitor everything, and above all, we speak your language and get things moving. We look forward to applying our knowhow to export frozen potatoes, vegetables and meat for you.

Service, flexibility and experience

Our range is vast. Whatever you ask for as a customer, we can deliver. We seek out solutions and products, sometimes spreading our net worldwide, to fulfil all your wishes. We provide a personalised and flexible service with attention to detail. You can expect us to deliver quality, always and everywhere. This is how we aim to make a difference.

How we work

Fedeco coordinates the entire transportation of frozen vegetables, potatoes and mushrooms to South Africa, from the factory to the retailers’ warehouses. We take particular care not to interrupt the cold chain of the frozen products. In South Africa, we distribute the products through the logistics platform we have there.

Customs clearance is second nature to us

We are familiar with all the bureaucratic formalities of exporting products to South Africa without a hitch. We deal with all the customs formalities and clear all your products with professional expertise.

You choose the transportation

We transport the products just the way you want, offering various incoterms: ex works, FOB (Free On Board), CIF (Cost Insurance and Freight) or Landed Johannesburg. We mainly export full containers. We can also ship mixed containers on request. We load the products at the factory and deliver them according to your needs and wishes. We make sure that everything runs smoothly.


The Fedeco team consists of four committed, passionate and experienced professionals who take a service-oriented approach to their work. The four of us can really get things done.


In our brands we trust. Our brands are among the best in the world. Each of these certified
food companies offers high-quality frozen potatoes, vegetables, mushrooms and snack
products. Various lines of these products are sold in the two largest supermarkets in South